Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elettra Avenue

Day one! Feeling encouraged, but decided to start with something pretty simple. 

Of course, Elettra Wiedemann (totally had to Google that spelling) does not make anything simple. There is no way I can compete with her insane features and leggy stature. However, I do remember a snakeskin-printed top from last season stashed away somewhere in the Closet of Death.

 Ah! Here we are... I am actually quite a fan of this top, although the repulsive heat of the last few weeks has made it impossible to wear anything but tissue-paper-thin dresses, which of course leaves one concerned with how easily the world behind one could be flashed...but what in the hell else would one put on? I am getting off track... above is my "exact replication" of Elettra's look, save, like, everything. I even threw in a fake sultry look nothing like the gorgeously blank expression Elettra gifted us with. I'm going to try to save face and blame it on the sandals, because truth is flats leave me looking like Snow White's eighth dwarf, Stumpy

I feel a little better about the pictures below, as these are my own variation of Elettra's outfit, made to complement my non-Elettra-like body.

First, I kicked off my Stumpy sandals and replaced them with black boots that would actually give me a bit of height and play as a much better neutral.  
Next, I ripped off the only pink belt I have and instead put on my absolute favorite, which, by a serendipitous twist of the universe, has a snakeskin design. I love pink/orange contrast, so I kept the pink lipstick on.
top - H&M; shorts - Levi's; boots - H&M; belt - UO

Not bad for a first go at it, eh?

P.S. Find me on Chictopia @ dressup247!!

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