Monday, July 9, 2012

Ideas A Brewing!

     As I wasted through the hours of my summer day flipping through Julie & Julia, an idea struck me (unusual for a summer's day, I know). Fashion is my cooking; Coco Chanel my Julia Child. Soooo, why not make a blog out of it? I sorted out the details while alternating between The Bachelorette, Masterchef, and America Ninja Warrior... I never said I had a life.  Here's the plan: I will find a picture of a lovely outfit, then replicate it using the junk in my closet, plus whatever I may be able to afford along the way. If you happen upon any great outfits, send them to me! I will do my best to accommodate, save any emergencies like broken heels, laptops with dead batteries, or death-defying heat (in that case, God save us). Tomorrow begins the fun!  Brace yourselves.

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