Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Style from Stockholm

This image from Stockholm Street Style is my next victim. Ominous, right? But seriously, I know what you are thinking...
How am I going to pull this off? There are some outfits that only work in the moment, and the picture above definitely one of them. Therefore, I tried to capture some of the effect in my (drum roll please) exact replica!! 

...I know. It is not quite the same. But I did try to capture the same sort of (excuse my cheesy word choice here) essence here. I even threw in a headscarf (!) for no extra charge! The thought to put a scarf on my head like this never occurred to my before this, but it thankfully did not result in me looking like a Jack Sparrow imitator. 

That being said, I still feel a bit better about my variation of the photo. 

The first thing was to rip off that head scarf. Although I did not look like Jack Sparrow, I did look a bit bald, so I figured it would just be for the best.

Next, I retrieved the best-shoes-in-the-world-no-really-
they're-awesome-no-seriously-really.  I figured the outfit could use a bit o' pizzazz. 

pants - Urban Outfitters; necklace - Forever 21; shoes - Urban Outfitters

Until next time, dearies!

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